Shortly after I moved to Grand Forks, I met Brian Taylor who was heading up the Hemp movement because I felt that the whole movement needed a new image that would bring it out of the alternative look & into the mainstream. In 2002 I worked with him and others on a bid to grow Medical Marijuanna for the Canadian Government. We were a close runner up. At a trade show for the hydroponics industry in the spring of 2004 we met the owners of Advanced Nutrients, who's financial backing made it possible to form Cannabis Health Foundation and to run the journal. Brian took the position of Editor, I took the position of Production and with a skeleton crew and on a wing and a prayer we published the first issue of Cannabis Health Journal November/December 2002. On our winning Anniversary issue - November/December 2003 - major design changes were implimented with the major change being the logo and cover layout. After producing issue #2-4 May/June 2004, I took a leave of absence for 3 issues and came back to produce 8 more issues before Cannabis Health Journal closed it's doors temporarily in April of 2006.

As a one man production department it gave me the opportunity to expose my talents to the world. I would get stories in text format and some advertisments would come in camera ready, then I would put together the rest, including cover, journal layout advertising design and have it ready to upload to the printer.

Of course production/design is only one part of it and it was the rest of the team that made everything work the way it did. A real testement to what a few dedicated people can do!

Due to the unreasonable steps backwards that our leader, Mr Harper, has taken in regards to Bill C-10 (mandatory minimums for cannabis offenses) and the Conservative Party's barbarian approach to the prohibition of cannabis, it leaves me no alternative, but to bring back "The Truth Is...." Propaganda Busting Ads from issues of Cannabis Health Journal. They have been reformatted to include them as downloadable printable letter size posters with a whole new line of attack against the advance of prohibition. Below are the first to be released. Stay tuned for more....

Below are thumbnails of Cannabis Health Journal Covers.
If you click on the Issue name and date you will download a pdf of that issue.
(there is now a pdf for issue #1)
If you click on the image, it will bring you to a larger image of the cover design.

#4-3 March/April 06
#4-2 Jan/Feb 2006
#4-1 Nov/Dec 2005

#3-6 Sept/Oct 2005

#3-5 July/Aug 2005
#3-4 May/June 2005

#3-3 July/Aug 2005

#3-3 July/Aug 2005


#2-3 March April 04

#2-2 Jan/Feb 2004

#2-1 Nov/Dec 2003

#1-6 Sept/Oct 2003

#1-5 July/Aug 2003
#1-2 May/June 2003
#1-3 March/April 03
#1-2 Jan/Feb 2003
#1-1 Nov/Dec 2002

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